Time by the Side of the Road

Time by the Side of the Road

Sometimes our travels take unexpected turns. My road trips and explorations came to an abrupt halt right before Labor Day when I broke my foot in two places, badly tearing ankle ligaments in the process. (My driving foot, of course.) I spent many weeks in a cast and on crutches, gradually healing and re-learning how to walk. In mid-November, just as I was taking my first steps without supportive sticks of any kind, my appendix ruptured, and I spent five days in the hospital recuperating from abdominal surgery (or as I referred to it, “cleanup on Aisle 5”). Finally, in mid-January, after official discharge by both my orthopedist and surgeon — and practicing my driving endurance — I braved a four-hour trip to visit friends. And I made it! Then I slipped on black ice in their driveway, this time breaking my ankle on the same injured foot. I am back in an air cast, hobbling on crutches, beginning my recovery yet again.

I hope this explains, in part, the long gap in my posting here. Knitting bones back together takes tremendous focus and more time than you’d ever imagine. I have more places I want to visit in my quest for my next home. But they will have to wait. In the meantime, some of the kindest people I’ve ever known have brought me groceries, ferried me to appointments (and ERs), cooked comforting meals, delivered indulgences, watched a lot of Netflix and made me laugh while I couldn’t do much.

If that isn’t “home,” I don’t know what is.

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