"Karen is a gifted writer, editor and strategic thinker. She was the glue that held together a young and hard-working team at Susquehanna University’s communications office, and someone colleagues went to for advice, support and encouragement. She’s a great team player and well regarded for her wisdom and tact. I hired her to fill an important role in the office and always felt lucky to have nabbed her. "  — Gerry Cohen, Senior Associate Dean of Strategic Communications, Princeton University

 "Karen’s ability to bring creativity and clarity to the table has made her a valuable collaborator on many of my design projects. She brings a fresh perspective while never losing sight of the project goals, and the result is always a more clear and compelling story." — Elaine Faye, owner, E-Lane Studio

"Karen is a remarkable writer and editor who is insightful and creative. She contributes valid ideas at all phases, from creative design to project development to writing direction. She is accommodating and reliable, and has always delivered promptly and thoroughly on my client projects." — Diane Gray, President, Boomerang Studios Inc.
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